Galata Electronic Corporation


Galata electronic has given an important brand to our country with Edison Opto partnership
who based Taiwan. With this partnership, we have started to distribute LED chips that are
high quality and quantity.


Galata electronic provides distribution most durable and functional products of electronic
component technology that is very important for the electronics industry. Galata Electronic
sells and distributes all active and passive electronic circuit components, based on the demand
and supply on the market and developments in electronic technology.

Galata Electronic has established in İstanbul, Turkey since 1999. Thank of over the 19 years
experiences, it has become a most successful importer and exporter factory across the globe.
It has a wide field of activity as much as indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, electronic
circuit components, automotive lighting products, call systems.


Galata Electronic who aims to harmonizing with international standards in all investments, with has partnership and cooperation with important companies.



LDS brand who has participated Galata electronics, took place in automotive LED lighting market in a short time thanks of offered products that are high quality to customers in Turkey and the Middle East.


Galata Elektronik meets to customers with USA JTECH Call Systems who is leaders in own
sectors over the world. Galata Electronic presents solves about call systems in many places such as restaurants, fast food chains and bars, hospitals, etc.


The ambience and luminosity of the place where we live in is one of the elements affect our
daily life. You can create a more spacious and decorative living space with just a little touch.
Galata Electronic converts your living place like your dream with the Magic Led Corner
Brand that made by Galata Electronic.


IDES Factory who has established in Sakarya, Turkey since 2011, has produced indoor and
outdoor lighting products that have high added value with used the high technology equipment and have experienced workers. IDES can produce high quality products thanks of the accumulation in the field of LED lighting.

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